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Court Reinstates $2 Million Damage Award to Seaman's Widow

The Virginia Supreme Court has reinstated a $2 million award it struck down earlier this year in an asbestos lawsuit against John Crane, Inc.

In March, the court vacated awards totaling more than $3 million in a lawsuit filed by Robert Hardick, who alleged exposure to asbestos while a Navy seaman, before he passed away. One portion struck down was a $2 million pain and suffering award.

Hardick's widow Margaret asked for a rehearing of the decision, and on Sept. 14 the court reinstated the award.

"(W)e hold that in a general maritime survival action based upon the death of a seaman, we look to the Jones Act for guidance," Justice Donald Lemons wrote.

"Because the Jones Act permits recovery for the losses suffered during a decedent seaman's lifetime in a survival action, including pre-death pain and suffering, Hardick's estate may recover for his pre-death pain and suffering under general maritime law."

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