An unexpected tragedy killed five Holland America Line cruise ship passengers last Thursday August 5th. The passengers were from the Nieuw Amsterdam vessel and stopped in Ketchikan, Alaska so those on the ship could partake in various excursions including sightseeing. A very popular sightseeing aviation spot for the area is towards the Misty Fjords National Monument. There visitors can witness beautiful icy valleys and stoic snowy mountains. This is exactly the same trip 5 Holland America Cruise line passengers would take on Thursday August 5th.

Unfortunately, these five passengers never left the aircraft. Their plane crashed around the Misty Fjords National Monument at around 11:20 am. The Coast Guard and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were notified thanks to the emergency alert beacon that signaled right after the crash. The wreckage was found at around 2:40 pm by the Coast Guard. After thoroughly combing the area, the Coast Guard reported there were no survivors.

The sightseeing plane is owned by Southeast Aviation. Who put out the following statement:

“Our hearts are shattered at the loss of six people today. We are thinking of and grieving with the families of the five passengers and our dear friend and pilot aboard the aircraft.”

According to reports, weather conditions during takeoff included a cloud ceiling of 900 feet with mist and some light rain. Total visibility was 2 miles, and the winds were at 8 mph. Currently, the National Transportation Safety Board is banding together a crew so they can investigate the cause of the crash.

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