Politics in Alaska is a brand new game for both Democrats and Republicans. The change comes on the heals of the recent indictment of long time Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Two years ago, Ted Stevens was still the powerful long ruling senator from Alaska, delivering billions of federal dollars to his home state, when federal agents raided the offices of six state legislators. One of the state legislators was Ben Stevens, the senator’s son. The implications of this turn of events was staggering. The elder Stevens could be implicated. Change in Alaska came quickly. Sarah Palin, a young political upstart, was elected governor, and soon after Ted Stevens and the Republicans ceded control of the US Senate to the Democrats. Following Ted Stevens’ recent indictment it is suddenly a new generation of fellow Republicans who hope to control the state of Alaska. Although Republicans have long dominated the state of Alaska, their corruption, and overall lack of understanding of the world, has made it less likely that they will be able to cling to power.

Democrats, often only bit players in Alaska, see an opportunity to take a Senate seat for the first time in decades. For years Alaska has been dominated by Republicans. As a consequence of this, they have had little to counterbalance the corruption and ignorance that are the hallmarks of their right-wing ideology. While the electorate is not pleased with Mr. Stevens, he is still expected to win reelection in the November election. However, Mr. Stevens will be hard pressed to continue to serve in the Senate if he is convicted of the multiple felony charges that he faces. Other Republicans and Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of taking over the long standing establishment that Mr. Stevens and his family have created.