Some of the most common on-the-job injuries for workers in the maritime industry are to the neck, back, and spine. In the maritime industry, the chances for these types of injuries are more likely than in many other occupations due to the repeated physical stress and back-breaking, neck-straining efforts required of workers aboard ships or on the docks.

Pulling, lifting, carrying, or otherwise handling heavy cargo may result in a debilitating neck injury. Trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall incidents are also common causes of neck and head injuries.

If you suffered a neck injury due to an accident or overuse injury in the maritime industry, you may be able to receive financial compensation for your injury. A neck injury is a serious medical issue that could lead to future complications.

A dedicated maritime attorney may be able to help you recover money damages from the party responsible for the injury you suffered while at sea. The attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP can help ensure the responsible party covers any unpaid medical expenses you have incurred. If you are left unable to work, our attorneys can help obtain compensation to train you for a new career.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP have decades of combined experience in maritime law. Our clients come to us from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, and we have offices in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and San Francisco, California.

Attorneys for Maritime Workers Who Suffered a Neck Injury

If you are a seaman or a harbor worker and you sustained any type of neck injury due to employer negligence, overuse, or unsafe conditions, you should contact an experienced maritime injury lawyer at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

The neck makes up the portion of the spine called the cervical spine. It connects the head to the back, providing flexibility and movement, and protects the spinal cord. A neck injury suffered in the maritime industry may result in adverse effects to a person’s quality of life in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important that you consult with a maritime attorney to understand if you are eligible for compensation as a result of a neck injury you suffered in the service of a ship.

No matter whether you are disabled or unable to return to work as a result of your injury, the skilled maritime attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP are prepared to assist you in recovering money damages and regaining your previous life.

Our attorneys assist maritime workers who suffer neck injuries throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California. Call us today at 1-800-262-8529 to discuss your case.

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Maritime Neck Injuries

Do you have a neck injury from a maritime accident or incident that prevents you from working? Has such an injury compromised your ability to work in the industry as you had intended? Negligence or unsafe conditions may have contributed to your injuries.

Your legal rights include compensation for a neck injury if you can no longer work or must accept less lucrative work due to the injury.

Neck injuries run the full spectrum from paralysis to mild discomfort, so it is important that you get proper medical treatment to evaluate your injuries. Then, contact an attorney to learn your legal rights. If you feel you are not receiving proper medical treatment, our lawyers can help.

Treatment for the injury and other related medical expenses may be required for many months or even years. Complex and expensive diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, X-rays and CT scans may be required to determine the extent of the neck injury.

Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP has represented victims of maritime accidents for four decades and we can help you too. It does not matter whether your neck injury appeared serious when it happened; these types of injuries often present additional problems in the ensuing days and weeks.

Consult with our team of experienced maritime attorneys to receive knowledgeable advice and guidance to recover compensation for your injury. Our maritime injury lawyers know how a neck injury can be more severe than it might appear and may signal or lead to other more severe injuries.

Call Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP today at 1 (800) 262-8529 to discuss your maritime neck injury case.

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Neck Injuries from Maritime Duties

Any number of maritime incidents may result in a neck injury. Anyone from a ship captain to a deckhand to a commercial fisherman are susceptible to a neck injury. Neck injuries also occur in port. As such, dockworkers, including longshoremen, are also vulnerable to neck injury.

Spinal cord, back, and neck injuries are among the most common types of injuries reported by maritime workers. Improper training, inadequate personal protective equipment and faulty equipment are all causes of neck injuries in the maritime industry. Shipping companies are required to train workers on proper lifting techniques, but sometimes it is impossible for the worker to meet the demands of the job and exercise proper technique, which may lead to a compromise in safety techniques.

Long-term neck injuries may prevent a person from resuming regular duty as a maritime worker, work in general, or even a “normal” life outside work.

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Additional Resources — A wealth of information about spinal cord and neck injuries is available at this website, including service providers in the State of Washington, support groups, centers for individual living, accredited rehabilitation facilities, spinal cord injury (SCI) systems of care, and state disability resources.

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Find an Attorney for Maritime Neck Injury

The long-term effects of a maritime neck injury may impact a victim for weeks, months, or years.

Don’t let a neck injury sustained in a maritime or boating accident saddle you with financial hardship. Call 1-800-262-8529 to contact the capable and committed maritime attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, LLP today. Our attorneys serve the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California with offices in Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.