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In a modern age filled with technological advances and medical miracles, it’s hard to believe that drowning is still a real concern for both shoreside and seafaring maritime employees. However, that is indeed the case – drowning in the frigid water of the Pacific is still an ever-present risk for seamen and shipyard workers alike.

Generally, hypothermia and drowning can be prevented through the proper implementation of safety measures by your or your loved one's maritime employer or the owner of the vessel on which you or your loved one served. If these measures or safety equipment are lacking, you may be eligible for compensation for injury due to hypothermia or your loved one's wrongful death by drowning. An experienced maritime accident attorney will sort through the details of your case and determine which laws are applicable as well as what compensation you can pursue.

Attorneys for Maritime Employees Who Suffered Hypothermia in Alaska, California, Oregon, or Washington

The dedicated maritime injury attorneys of Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, with offices in Seattle and Bellingham, WA Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA, have decades of combined experience pursuing lawful compensation coast-to-coast from maritime companies whose negligence resulted in injury or death to you or your loved one. Their dedication is founded on a personal passion for maritime pursuits.

If you have survived a fall overboard or vessel sinking, or have lost a loved one who was a seafarer or shipyard worker to a drowning accident in places like the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, or North Pacific, there are various maritime laws that Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski can use to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Your first consultation is free, so call 1 (800) 262-8529 to schedule yours today and find out what Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski can do for your maritime injury or wrongful death case in Washington, Oregon, California, or Alaska.

Drowning Accident Causes

Drowning rarely, if ever, looks anything like is shown on television or in the movies. Often the victim doesn't make any sound at all and barely has the energy and wherewithal to stay afloat, much less splash around to get attention – that's if the victim is conscious. Frequently, maritime worker drowning incidents involve an injured, unconscious worker falling into the water. That is why the most important strategies in decreasing drowning accidents are safety and prevention. Hypothermia or drowning in the maritime industry can be caused by:

Many accidents resulting in hypothermia or death by drowning can be prevented by operating and maintaining a seaworthy ship. That requires not only having the necessary safety equipment onboard and functioning, but also having a maritime crew that is fully trained in several safety procedures to prevent themselves and their fellow crewmembers from drowning.

The lack of these measures is negligence under the law and may qualify your hypothermia case or the wrongful death by drowning case of your loved one for compensation under one or more maritime laws. An experienced maritime injury attorney serving Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska will be able to examine your case and determine which laws to pursue damages under, whether that be the Jones Act, the Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, or another maritime law. Call Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski today for your free no obligations consultation at 1 (800) 262-8529.

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Recoverable Damages in Maritime Drowning Accidents

Falling overboard and suffering hypothermia is a serious emergency that either causes immediate death, serious injury, or death from serious injuries incurred during the incident. If you survive the drowning accident, there is a risk of severe brain injury, memory loss, and some level of disability – all which require extensive medical care. If you lose a loved one to drowning, you have to suffer with the knowledge of his or her painful death while coping with funeral expenses, loss of income, and other expenses.

When negligence is causal factor in the accident, these expenses may be covered under maritime law. An experienced Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska maritime injury attorney will be able to determine if your case qualifies for the following damages:

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Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski | Maritime Lawyer for Wrongful Death by Drowning

If you or your loved one has suffered injury or death due to a drowning accident caused by the negligence of a maritime employer and/or associated third party, you have a right to pursue compensation. The compassionate, experienced maritime injury attorneys of Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski with offices in Bellingham and Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and San Francisco, CA will fight to secure you maximum compensation in your drowning case through whatever civil maritime means possible. To schedule your free consultation with Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, call 1 (800) 262-8529 today.

This article was last updated on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

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