A ferry with 125 people on board ran aground Saturday afternoon in New York City. First responders, including law enforcement officers and the U.S. Coast Guard, rushed to the scene shortly after 4 p.m. According to FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Michael Gala, the vessel carried 118 passengers but thankfully, none were injured. One crew member did suffer minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.

“All of a sudden it swerved to the right and went into an inlet,” one of the passengers told NBC New York. “The crew was telling us, ‘sit down sit down,’ screaming, ‘sit down sit down.’ We felt it run aground. The boat was shaking.”

The full investigation into what caused the ferry accident remains incomplete. Seastreak, the company that operates the ferry, stated that the vessel had a mechanical malfunction. Spokesman James Barker mentioned the ferry lost power and thus steering control, causing it to run aground.

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