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Commercial Divers

Commercial divers perform vital work often far below the surface of water including the installation, repair, inspection, and removal of various equipment and structures. Diving operations include a broad range of activities, ranging from salvage operations, pier and bridge repair and construction, off-shore oil rig and pipeline maintenance, and ship inspection and repair. Many divers use a broad variety of tools while diving, including welding equipment, drills, and torches.

Unfortunately, many commercial divers are faced with an unreasonably high risk of serious physical harm or death on the job. Divers are often subjected to the harshest and most dangerous conditions to perform their work, and face occupational safety and health hazards including decompression sickness, drowning, hypothermia, physical injury, and various respiratory and circulatory risks.

Many of these risks are preventable but exist due to a variety of factors including inadequate training and supervision, exhaustion, negligent work practices, defective or improper equipment, and ineffective rescue operations. Failure to adhere to diving guidelines, regulations, and other safe practices to prevent injury is considered negligence, and if you suffer injury or death due to these actions (or lack of action), you and your family may have a right to compensation under maritime law.

Information for Injured Commercial Divers

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Can Divers Qualify As Seamen Under The Jones Act?

Yes. The Jones Act covers any person who is a seaman on a vessel in navigation. It allows a person who has a substantial connection to a vessel and contributes to its mission to seek recovery for injuries suffered due to a lack of reasonable care by an employer.

Barges, which divers frequently dive from, tend to work somewhat differently than most ships. Many barges, such as salvage or crane barges, frequently are not self-propelled and depend upon tugboats to move. Some may have questions as to whether a barge constitutes a “vessel in navigation.”

Courts have used a broad interpretation of a vessel in navigation for the purposes of the Jones Act. In Stewart v. Dutra Construction Co., the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a vessel could constitute any watercraft capable of being used as transportation on the water, citing 1 U.S.C. § 3.

A barge, regardless of whether self-propelled or not, is likely to be considered a vessel. Divers operating off of a variety of barges and other vessels have been consistently held as seamen under the Jones Act.  

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Recoverable Damages In A Commercial Diving Accident

Recoverable damages from a commercial diving injury vary on the circumstances surrounding the accident, such as the negligence involved and whether the diver was in national or international waters at the time of injury. These details affect what maritime law your case will be pursued under, and, therefore, what kind of damages you can pursue. Generally, you are eligible to recover the damages directly related to the commercial diving accident, including:

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National Commercial Diving Injury Attorneys

At Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, we have decades of experience coast-to-coast serving all kinds of seamen, including commercial divers. We have handled hundreds of Jones Act cases throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Florida, and other states. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury or death in a commercial diving accident, contact the experienced maritime diving attorneys of Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski in Seattle, Portland, and Bellingham at 1 (800) 262-8529 for a free initial consultation today.

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