The Port of Oakland handles more than 99 percent of the containerized goods in Northern California. With such constant maritime activity, the danger of negligence-related accidents rises. Employers or vessel owners who are negligent may be liable to pay compensation.

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Oakland Maritime Injury Attorneys in California

Oakland is one of the largest cities in Alameda County with a seaport to match. The Port of Oakland is a major ocean gateway for international container and cargo vessels in northern California. It is now the fifth busiest container port in the United States with three container terminals and two intermodal rail facilities.

The Oakland Port is a routine area for container ships dealing with cargo form Asian and European markets. The booming success does not come without risk. The maritime industry can be dangerous, and negligence-related accidents are prone to happen. If you or someone you know has been injured in a maritime accident, it is highly advised that you obtain legal representation.

Overview for Oakland Maritime Injury

How Does a Maritime Injury Claim Work?

The maritime industry has a high chance of injury. Both vessel owners and employers must be on high alert for hazardous conditions in the workplace. Those who do not can be considered negligent and held liable in court. Whether you are on the docks or the ship deck, if you have negligence-related maritime injuries you may be entitled to compensation.

There are two legislative documents that outline federal maritime laws. One is called the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act, (LHWCA) which protects shoreside workers such as dockhands, shipbuilders, and crane operators. Take note, the LHWCA is very similar to worker’s compensation. Despite this, a person can still file a claim if he or she has a negligence-related injury.

Workers employed on boats and vessels in navigable waters usually have their claims filed under the Jones Act. The Jones Act outlines the responsibilities of both seamen and employers. Employers or vessel owners who do not uphold a certain standard of care can be considered legally responsible. The Jones Act covers seamen on navigable waters such as commercial fishing boats, container vessels, and cargo ships.

Personal injury cases begin with filing a claim. A maritime injury claim is a demand letter that asks for compensation for certain damages. These damages refer to losses that occurred because of a negligence-related injury. Civil damages can be both tangible and intangible such as medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment for life.

Common Maritime Accidents in Oakland California

Both seamen and land-based maritime employees can be victims of negligence. Shipping and maritime jobs can be challenging positions. Companies, employers, and vessel owners must sustain workable conditions for their employees. If a maritime accident occurs due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

The following are maritime accidents that can occur out of negligence:

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Oakland Maritime Injury Resources in California

The Jones Act – Visit the official website for the United States Code and read more about the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, or the Jones Act. See how employers can be held liable for negligence-related accidents and the duties of both employee and employer.

Offshore Boating Laws – Visit a document provided by the Tulane Maritime Law Center and Law School. Gain access to the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (LHWCA) to find out how an employer can be held for a shoreside negligence-related accident.

California Maritime Laws – Visit the official website for California laws and regulation. Find more details about the Harbor and Navigations Code to learn about vessel requirements, employer responsibilities, and regulations for navigable waters.

Port of Oakland – Visit the official website for the Port of Oakland to find more information about the seaport’s economic impact. Learn more about the facts and figures of the port, the Port Efficiency Task Force, and maritime resources for employees.

Alameda Superior Court – Visit the official website for the Superior Court of California for the County of Alameda. Gain access to self-help resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and online services for those with court dates.

Additional Resources

City of Oakland – Visit the official website for the city of Oakland, California. Find details about city projects, current news from city hall, and additional facts about Oakland.

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Division – Visit the official website for the Coast Guard and read more details about the Strategic Plan of the National Safety Program. Find more information regarding the Coast Guard, maritime accidents, and prevention tips for recreational boating.

Maritime Injury Lawyers in Oakland, California

Any person who has been injured because of negligence in a maritime accident should seek a experienced personal injury attorney. A skilled attorney can collect and present evidence, talk with insurance adjusters, and advocate for you in court.

The attorneys at BOATLAW, LLP are well versed in maritime injury law. We understand juggling legal issues and an injury can be overwhelming. With us, you don’t have to. Call the attorneys at 1-800-262-8529, we represent victims of negligence throughout the California area including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Richmond.

This article was last updated on October 4, 2018.