The United States Coast Guard responded to a vessel that ignited a fire during heavy weather last Saturday. The ship, Zim Kingston, was at an anchorage at the port of Vancouver when a storm caused a severe list, causing the loss of 40 containers overboard.

Zim has confirmed that most of the crew were evacuated and are all now safe.

“Late at night on Friday around midnight local time, the Zim Kingston was in the Strait of Juan de Fuca awaiting to proceed to the port of Vancouver when extreme weather caused an excessive listing of the vessel resulting in the collapse of containers which were lost overboard,” a Danaos statement read.

“The company immediately notified the local port authorities to put out a warning to vessels in the area. The investigation of the incident was postponed until daylight when the master and the crew will be able to estimate the exact quantity of the lost overboard containers.”

The Canadian Coast Guard is currently working with the United States Coast Guard Pacific Northwest to track the movement of containers from Zim Kingston.

As of Monday afternoon, the containers were currently drifting approximately 12 nm east of Vancouver Island on a northwest trajectory, parallel with the island.

Unfortunately, lost containers present a serious risk to commercial and recreational vessel traffic. The containers tend to float just below the surface where vessels can’t see them. The collision with a submerged container can cause injuries, damage to vessels, even sinkings.

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