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If you or someone you know has been injured in a maritime accident and you have concerns about how your family will handle the burden of medical bills, missed worked, or an overall lifestyle change due to injury, contact BOATLAW, LLP.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and zealous advocates who will fight every step of the way to get you the compensation you deserve. We represent clients throughout Clallam County and in the surrounding areas in Jefferson County, WA.

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Attorney for Maritime Claims in Clallam County, WA

Aside from its role as Washington port, Port Angeles is a popular tourist destination Washington State and the largest city in Clallam County, WA. The city is located south of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Port of Port Angeles benefits is a deep water port. It sees many different types of vessels. Approximately 40% of all ships that call in Port Angeles are considered Special Craft vessels.   Approximately 12% are tug or cargo vessels and another 12% are classified as passenger vessels.

Injuries on vessels are not uncommon. With the extensive port and vessel support services, many Port Angeles residents are employed in the maritime industry. Other maritime workers come to Port Angeles to work on vessels home-ported there. At BOATLAW, LLP, we represent individuals that have been injured working in the service of vessels. We represent a diverse clientele of maritime workers, including blue water sailors, pilots, tug and barge workers, tankermen, fishermen and fish processors.

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Types of Maritime Law Cases

The attorneys at BOATLAW, LLP have decades of combined experience in civil litigation. Our office represents clients in a number of various maritime claims including the following:

The attorneys at BOATLAW, LLP understand admiralty and maritime laws as they apply to maritime operations in Clallam County, WA.

Admiralty law differs from Washington State law. Federal courts have original jurisdiction over maritime claims. Pursuant to the Savings to Suitors Clause, some cases may be heard in state courts; federal law still governs. Our attorneys will work with you to determine whether your claim is best suited for state or federal court.

Areas We Serve in Port Angeles, WA

We accept clients throughout the neighborhoods and areas in Clallam County, WA. Our cases come from the following zip codes:

  • Clallam – 98362
  • Clallam – 98363

Over the years, Port Angeles, along with the rest of the Olympic Peninsula, has experienced steady growth largely shaped by the port district. The Port of Port Angeles, however, is the only deep-draft port on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It currently handles an average of 60.5 million board feet of logs per year.

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Port Angeles Resources

Clallam County District Court I – a Washington state court with limited jurisdiction. Specifically, the District Court hears small claims and civil suits. While the District court can hear approximately 9,000 cases in a given year, only about 108 of those cases are small civil claims.

Clallam County District Court
223 East 4th St. Suite #10
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Clallam County District Court II – District Court II serves the West End of Clallam County, including Neah Bay, Forks, LaPush, and Sekiu. The Court’s jurisdiction goes from Lake Crescent to the Pacific Ocean on the west and from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to North to Jefferson County to the South. The District Court cases involve small claims that involve disputes that are no greater than $5,000. It also listens to civil cases involving disputes no higher than $75,000.

Clallam County Superior Court – is a court of statewide, general jurisdiction. The Superior Court is a court of record and hears civil cases that include appeals from administrative decisions, appeals from lower courts and small claims courts.

Clallam County Superior Court
223 E. 4th St. #8
Port Angeles, WA 98362 

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Find a Lawyer for Maritime Negligence Cases in Port Angeles, WA

Maritime accidents can result in a wide array of injuries: everything from broken bones, to burns, or even amputated fingers. When a person is injured while performing maritime work, he or she could be out of work for months and saddled with expensive medical bills.  Should these unfortunate events occur, having a lawyer that understands your rights under the general maritime law can dictate the outcome of your maritime injury claim – and your life.

The attorneys at BOATLAW, LLP have been fighting for compensation for individuals injured in maritime accidents for years. They have decades of experience and are strategic advocates throughout Washington courtrooms.

Call BOATLAW, LLP at 1-800-262-8529 to schedule a consultation to learn more about how an experienced maritime attorney might be able to help you.

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