Maritime Attorney in Coos Bay, OR

The lawyers at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski represent people injured aboard vessels and along the waterfront in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our clients range from passengers who have been injured on cruise ships and charter boats, to those who have been injured working offshore. If you or someone you know has sustained injuries in Coos Bay, or in the surrounding counties of Douglas County or Curry County, Oregon, contact the experienced maritime lawyers of Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski.

Lawyer for Maritime Negligence in Douglas County, Oregon

Oregon has 23 Port Districts. Coos Bay is one of the best natural harbors between San Francisco and the Puget Sound, making Port of Coos Bay one of the busiest ports in Oregon.

The hardworking men and women employed in maritime commerce at Coos Bay contribute significantly to the local economy. The work is fast moving and oftentimes dangerous. If a maritime worker is injured due to employer negligence or vessel unseaworthiness, he or she may have a right to compensation under maritime law.

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Types of Claims in Coos Bay, OR

Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski represents clients in maritime claims arising in Coos Bay and the Pacific Northwest in situations involving the following:

The Jones Act constitutes federal legislation and is promulgated under 46 U.S.C. § 30104. When a seaman has a claim under the Jones Act, he may choose between the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon (federal court) and a Circuit Court of the State of Oregon (state court).

Thus, an individual injured on a vessel homeported in Coos Bay would have the option to litigate his claims before the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon –Eugene Division or the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Coos County.

The Eugene Division

Wayne L. Morse U.S. Courthouse

405 East Eight Ave.

Eugene, OR 97401

Intake: 541-431-4100

Jury: 503-326-8111


  • Honorable District Judge Ann Aiken
  • Honorable District Judge Michael J. McShane
  • Honorable Magistrate Judge Thomas M. Coffin
  • Honorable Magistrate Judge Jolie A. Russo

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Maritime Law in Oregon

Coos County

Some neighborhoods and zip codes that we serve in Coos County, OR include:

  • Allegany – 97407
  • Bandon – 97411
  • Broadbent – 97414
  • Charleston – 97420
  • Coos Bay – 97420
  • Coos Head Naval Facility – 97420
  • Coquille – 97423
  • Eastside – 97420
  • Lakeside – 97449
  • Myrtle Point – 97458
  • North Bend – 97459
  • Norway – 97458
  • Powers – 97466
  • Remote – 97458

Douglas County

Our office represents clients throughout Douglas County, Oregon, which has its county seat in Roseburg, OR. Some of the zip codes and neighborhoods that we serve include:

  • Azalea – 97410
  • Camas Valley – 97416
  • Canyonville – 97417
  • Days Creek – 97429
  • Drain – 97435
  • Elkton – 97436
  • Gardiner – 97441
  • Glendale – 97442
  • Glide – 97443
  • Idleyld Park – 97447
  • Myrtle Creek – 97457
  • Oakland – 97462
  • Reedsport – 97467
  • Riddle – 97469
  • Roseburg – 97470, 97471
  • Scottsburg – 97473
  • Sutherlin – 97479
  • Tenmile – 97481
  • Tiller – 97484
  • Umpqua – 97486
  • Winchester – 97495
  • Winston – 97496
  • Yoncalla – 97499

Curry County, OR

While the county seat is Gold Beach, Oregon, the attorneys at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski represent clients throughout Curry County, Oregon. Some individuals from neighborhoods we serve are located in the following zip codes:

  • Agness – 97406
  • Bookings – 97415
  • Harbor – 97415
  • Gold Beach – 97444
  • Pistol River – 97444
  • Langlois – 97450
  • Ophir – 97464
  • Port Orford – 97465
  • Sixes – 97476
  • Wedderburn – 97491

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Coos Bay Maritime Resources

NOAA– View the website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to see maritime zones and boundaries recognized under international law.

Maritime Claims Reference Manual: Visit the website of the U.S Navy to view the Maritime Claims Reference Manual (MCRM) which contains information about the various maritime claims throughout the world. It provides information on territorial seas, contiguous zones between countries, maritime boundaries, and exclusive economic zones. The purpose of the manual is to facilitate the Department of Defenses Freedom of Navigation Program.

The Jones Act: Understanding how the Jones Act may apply to your negligence claim and how you may be compensated for your injuries for any medical expenses, or other economic losses is invaluable. The American Maritime Partnership has a page all about the Jones Act and how this act works towards a very vibrant and robust maritime industry.

MARAD: Discusses waterborne transportation and how it is operated by the Maritime Administration agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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Find a Maritime Lawyer in Coos Bay, OR

If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of another, while on his or her job as a seaman, fisherman, or deckhand, contact Boatlaw.

Our attorneys have been practicing maritime law throughout the Pacific Northwest for years.   We fight for the compensation that individuals injured in the maritime industry deserve.

Call BOATLAW, LLP for more information about our services.

This article was last updated on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.