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Who is Icicle Seafoods?

Icicle Seafoods, Inc. is a seafood company based in Seattle, Washington. Established in 1965 in Petersburg, Alaska, the company originated as Petersburg Fisheries, Inc., and has since expanded to become one of the largest seafood companies in North America. Icicle Seafoods operates in several locations across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

The company is involved in the processing and marketing of a wide range of seafood products. Their product line includes Wild Alaskan Salmon, Alaska Crab, Alaska Halibut, Pacific Cod, Black Cod/Sablefish, Alaska Pollock, and Fish Roe.

Icicle Seafoods’ operations are not confined to land-based facilities. They also utilize floating processing vessels like the Gordon Jensen, enabling them to process seafood in remote locations in agreement with fishing seasons. This allows them to process seafood soon after harvest, aiming to maintain its quality. The company’s operations extend to several locations in Alaska, including Petersburg, Seward, Egegik, Larsen Bay, Wood River, and Dutch Harbor, each chosen for their proximity to primary fisheries and transportation routes for seafood products.

Additionally, Icicle Seafoods maintains relationships with fishermen, including seiners, gillnetters, crabbers, long liners, trollers, trawlers, and pot fishermen, viewing them as an extended part of their corporate family.

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Vessels Owned by Icicle Seafoods

Icicle Seafoods Inc. operates a fleet of vessels essential to its seafood processing operations.

One major vessel is the Gordon Jensen, a processing vessel. This vessel plays a significant role in the company’s operations by conducting processing activities in remote locations, aligning with different fishing seasons. These locations are chosen based on the seasonal availability of fish, including pollock, cod, salmon, and herring.

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Types of Employees Hired by Icicle Seafoods

The company’s primary workforce includes processors who work at the company’s shore-based processing facilities and aboard its processing vessels. These processors are responsible for cleaning fish, which involves removing viscera (guts), as well as cutting off heads, fins, gills, or tails. The work environment for these roles is often wet, cold, and drafty, with a significant amount of fish guts and blood present. The job requires standing for long periods, up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, performing repetitive tasks, and is both physically and mentally demanding.

In addition to processors, Icicle Seafoods hires individuals for other roles within their operations. These positions include freshwater technicians and aquaculture technicians at their aquaculture facilities, which involve day-to-day maintenance and care of fish and facilities. Other roles might include site managers, fish health technicians, harvest quality technicians, and divers. These positions are focused on the health and maintenance of fish stocks and equipment.

The company’s employment opportunities are available throughout the year on a seasonal basis, with the work varying based on the fishing seasons and the volume of fish harvested. Living conditions for employees in remote areas can be challenging, with shared accommodations and minimal personal storage. Employees need to be prepared for extreme weather and limited communication services in those remote work locations.

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