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Who is American Seafoods?

American Seafoods Company LLC, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a seafood processing company that operates primarily in the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. The company is involved in the harvesting, processing, and distribution of wild-caught fish, including Wild Alaska Pollock, Wild Pacific Hake (Whiting), Wild Pacific Cod, and Wild Yellowfin Sole. American Seafoods claims to be the world’s largest at-sea processor of Wild Alaska Pollock.

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American Seafoods Operations

American Seafoods’ operations involve a fleet of fishing vessels capable of processing, packaging, and freezing the catch while still at sea, which is intended to maintain the quality of the seafood products. Reportedly, American Seafoods follows sustainable fishing practices and has certifications for its efforts in this area.

The company claims to have complete visibility through its supply chain, allowing for traceability of each fish back to the fishery. The company utilizes a worldwide distribution network, partnering with logistics providers to manage the transportation and delivery of its products to customers around the globe.

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Vessels Operated by American Seafoods

  1. American Dynasty
    • Length: 83 meters
    • Crew: 142 people
    • Frozen Cargo Capacity: 1100 metric tons
    • Fishing for: Wild Alaska Pollock, Wild Pacific Hake, Wild Yellowfin Sole
  2. American Triumph
    • Length: 87 meters
    • Crew: 130 people
    • Frozen Hold Capacity: 1430 metric tons (largest among two-level processing vessels)
    • Fishing for: Wild Alaska Pollock, Wild Pacific Hake, Wild Yellowfin Sole
  3. Katie Ann
    • Length: 89.9 meters
    • Crew: 75 people
    • Frozen Cargo Capacity: 800 metric tons
    • Operations: Mothership processor for Wild Pacific Hake, processes Wild Pacific Cod and Wild Yellowfin Sole
  4. Northern Eagle
    • Length: 104 meters (longest in the fleet)
    • Crew: 143 people
    • Frozen Cargo Capacity: 1500 metric tons
    • Features: Advanced at-sea processing capabilities
  5. Northern Jaeger
    • Length: 102.5 meters
    • Crew: 135 people
    • Daily Production: Over 100 metric tons of finished frozen products
  6. Ocean Rover
    • Length: 78 meters
    • Crew: 138 people
    • Frozen Cargo Capacity: 1100 metric tons
    • Operations: Mothership processor for Wild Pacific Hake
  7. American Empress II
    • Length: 84 meters
    • Crew: 118 people
    • Frozen Cargo Capacity: 875 metric tons
    • Notable Activity: Used for Hake fishing in fall of 2023

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Types of Employees Hired by American Seafoods

American Seafoods hires employees for many roles within its operations. These roles are spread across their fleet of fishing vessels and their corporate headquarters. On their fishing vessels, they employ a wide variety of crew members. This includes positions in the wheelhouse, like the captain and the first mate, who are responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire vessel. On the deck, they hire deckhands and bosuns to handle the fishing gear, use and retrieve nets. In the galley, the crew comprises cooks and assistants responsible for preparing meals, cleaning the ship, and doing laundry.

The largest group on the vessel is the factory crew, which works below deck in the fish processing areas. This group includes processors, surimi quality controllers, and fishmeal technicians. Additionally, there are engine crew members, like engineers and oilers, who maintain the vessel’s engines and onboard equipment.

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Maritime Accident Lawyers

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